Websites and network applications have changed since the web began. Today's companies have to have an edge created by efficient technology. Technologies that allow you to race by your competition. It's no longer a simple landscape of developing bulletin board style websites and paper brochures. You've got to have an edge.

Inphotek offers that edge over your competition through innovative technologies and business analysis. By looking at where you are, where you're going and what your competitors are doing we can help focus and sharpen your business for today's competitive market.

We'll use tried and true technologies  just to put you a cut above the rest. With a complete competitive analysis and web business engineering analysis we can find out what will make you more efficient in today's online business market.

Below are some current projects and applications in development.

As of December 2012, I have started as an employee of Avadine in Bakersfield, Ca. I look forward to a long and happy career working with the team.

In December of 2011, I joined Dr. Darshan Shah's team on their Follow That Patient Customer Relationship Management php project. Dr. Shah's team invested over a year of development time into this Web Application Software. His  idea was based off his current practice in Costmetic Surgery. I came on board to build a custom calendaring scheduling application.

When I joined the project, it was an ad hoc build.  I implemented a Model View View Controller Service Oriented Architecture php class system. I've also moved forward on unit testing the php code. The team is currently working to migrate to the architecture classes that I initially built. With a myriad of changing requirements, I spent the year building a scheduling piece that schedules resources and patients as well as dispalys waitlists, cancellation and confirmation lists to the users of the Followthatpatient application.

As of January 1, 2013 the project was put on hold waiting for investment funding. I wish the team at Followthatpatient and Dr. Shah a properous future.

Programming KinectProgramming Kinect is a simple WordPress installation for a blog I'm writing about my experiences getting the Kinect for Windows to work and programming Natural User Interfaces against. It is an ongoing process. Content is added as I program with the Kinect or find useful resources. The Kinect for Windows is a brand new technology based on Kinect for XBox. The sensor and the Microsoft Kinect SDK 1.0 was released February 1, 2012. I'm excited to start working with the technology. I have a few ideas that I want to try out once I get this figured out.

Setting up a default installation of WordPress takes about an hour to accomplish on the correct server setup. The setup of this site included the installation and picking an appropriate theme for the website. I've added a few plugins for things like Social Media but those are a search and click install within the WordPress dashboard.



PHP MVC Code GeneratorThis is a personal project I've developed to speed the coding of a custom Software Oriented Architecture/ MVC PHP project called Follow That Patient where I was contracted to build a custom Appointment Calendar for their Web Based software. This C# project generates an MVC pattern of files based on the current database structure which I can use as a base code start.

It is generic enough that I can repoint it to a new database and generate base code quickly for a new project. It has made getting the php projects for the future off to a quick start.

Currently adding code to implement Jquery based on the backend PHP routing.

Working on Unit Test skeleton class builds for the MVC SOA architecture for the project.